Customs Gallery

Custom work is managed through DMs on Instagram or Facebook, paid using PayPal or Venmo (local/pickup may use cash) Paid in full to be put in books, be sure to ask me about turnaround time as well!

Or if you would like to see your design before full payment, I also offer the option to pay 25% (non refundable) to draw your design and work with you on what you want. Rest of the payment is due after design is finalized to continue the custom. 

Rifle Slings

$100-$110 plus shipping

Dog Collars 
1 1/2 inches
$75 13-14 inch neck
$80- 15-16 inch neck
$85- 17-18 inch neck
$90- 19-20 inch neck 
plus shipping
adding phone number- + $5 (changes width to 1 3/4)

Wedding Bouquet Wraps
standard size is 8”x6”
$100 plus shipping 

$50 plus shipping

$25 plus shipping

$150 non stitched
$190 stitched
plus shipping